Separation of code & design.

Almost 90% of the pages used by aleza can be designed and implemented without any ASP experience. After a page or look for your site has been designed all that's needed are include files and codes to make them work. All files must start with <!-- #INCLUDE FILE="start.asp" --> and end with <!-- #INCLUDE FILE="finish.asp" -->. What goes between those tags is your html code, includes,  and variables which are determined by the function of the page in question. Each page has a designated manual section to explain what it does. 

The Flow

The file default.asp is designated to be the first page of your portal, to find out more about designing it click here . Each category can use a different display page which follows rules similar to default.asp. When a user clicks on a resource link they are redirected to the resource's url but this is optional. You may have in-house resources such as articles, pictures, zip files, etc. for which you can design display files, to learn about these page structures click here


  • Audience targeting for advertising
  • A look based on theme of the category
  • Broad range of resource types
  • Previewing resources
  • Customizability


  • More pages to edit when a major change is desired in design.

TIP: To remedy this disadvantage you can design a header and footer in separate files, then include them in the aleza files so that if a change is desired you can modify those files and the change will be instantaneously implemented.