Quick Notes:

It is important to read the display file introduction before you proceed.

Including Files: 
Insert this into the HTML code of your pages.

Replace 'filename' with the file you choose to include.

Including Variables:
Variables will be included in this format:

Replace 'variable' with the variable you choose to include.


Naming Convention:

All category/link display pages must contain the word 'default' in them otherwise aleza will assume the category is a link and add the redirect icon.

Preliminary Code:

Pages that display links should  include this JavaScript snippet in order to open a small pop up window when users cast votes, send links to friends or report errors.


Display File Components     COLOR LEGEND:   FILES   VARIABLES
start.asp This file initializes variables, connects to the database and gets everything ready. (it is required on every display file)
navigation.asp This include file displays the navigation.
i.e. Home >> Category1 >> Category2
It also displays search queries, functions, and user status.
catlist.asp Displays the list of categories
linkslist.asp Displays a list of links in the current category.
Uses linktemp.asp as the link template. 
finish.asp Closes database and cleans up (Required on every display page)
srform.asp The Search Form.
nlform.asp Newsletter Subscribe-Unsubscribe form.
newinc.asp This aleza window will display the newest links.
hotinc.asp This aleza window will display the hottest links.
refinc.asp This window will display the top referrers.
catlist-b.asp This include will list all sibling categories. (Do not place in default.asp) 
cats This variable is set to the total number of categories in the database.
links Total number of links in the database.
title Dynamically generated title of the current page. Use it between the <title> tags.

Text in green is written in the html part of your page.


<!-- #INCLUDE FILE="start.asp" -->

My Portal
Navigation: <!-- #INCLUDE FILE="navigation.asp" -->
Categories: <%= cats%>
Links:  <%= links%>

<!-- #INCLUDE FILE="catlist.asp" -->

<!-- #INCLUDE FILE="linklist.asp" -->


<!-- #INCLUDE FILE="finish.asp" -->



My Portal
Navigation: Home >> Cars
Categories: 52
Links:  152

John Ford Automotive - An automotive website with many links to others.


Note: the above does not demonstrate all possible inclusions.

Link URLs:
Simply set these as the URLs for the links.

  • Add New Link 
  • What's New  
  • Personalize  
  • Get Hits  
  • What's Hot  
  • Top Referrers  

Example: <A HREF="addlink.asp?catid=<%= tree%>"> Add New Link </A>