Email System

Getting your email to run.
Go to Admin Area >> System Management >> System Setup. Click on auto-detect email components. This will tell you which supported email components your server has installed. Then select one of them from the Email Component drop-down menu. Fill in all the other email related fields and click save. This will activate the email system.

Automatic Emails
Aleza has the ability to send emails automatically when triggered by certain events. You have to option to deactivate these triggers from the system setup form.

Email Templates

Link List - This template is dynamically generated by using the New Resource List generator, it is a list of resources that have been added within a specified period of time.
Link Updates - This template utilizes the 'Link List' template. You can send it to your link owners or the mailing list in order to notify them of new resources. 
Link Rejection - Sent optionally from the link approval interface.
Link Approval - Sent optionally from the link approval interface.
Link Review - Sent automatically when a link is reviewed or when the review is approved.
Send Link to Friend - This template is used when a user sends a resource to another person.
Confirm Submission - Sent automatically when a user submits a new resource.
User Defined - You may define your own email templates. They can be Newsletters, Announcements or any other type of Emails.

Optional Codes

You may place these codes into the email templates and they will be converted into the correct information. 
These codes are case sensitive so remember to use upper case.


Link Rejection Link Updates Link Approval Link Review Send Link to Friend Confirm Submission User Defined

Code Descriptions

<TITLE> Website's Title
<URL> Website's URL
<DESCRIPTION> Website's Description
<CONTACT> Resource Owners Name
<RECIPURL> Reciprocal Link URL Field
<EMAIL> Website's Email
<COMMENT> Website's Comment Field
<CATEGORY> Subname of the category in which the resource resides.
<HITS> Number of hits the site has gotten.
<VOTES> Number of votes.
<RATINGS> Current Rating.
<POSTS> Number of Review Posts.
<REVLINK> Link to review page of the link. (Used for link review notification)
<CATLINK> Link to the category in which the resource resides.
<OPTOUT> Link to an Opt-Out script, allows the user to change their email option. The email option is used to determine if the user wants to receive further emails.
<RNAME> Reviewers Name.
<REMAIL> Reviewers Email ( You might not want to give link owners the email addresses of reviewers.
<MSG> Message (Used when a user sends a link to a friend.)
<SNAME> Senders Name (Used when a user sends a link to a friend.)
<LINKS> This code is used in the 'Link Updates' template to include the contents of the dynamically generated 'Link List' template.

Email Lists
You can make dynamic email lists based on a criteria. Simply start a new list, select the qualifying criteria and it's ready. Aleza will determine which resources will qualify and count them.

Mass Mailer
This is one of Aleza's most powerful features. You can select a user defined template, an email list to send to and then you are ready to broadcast the emails. This can be used for newsletters, announcements, or anything else you need .

New Resource List
The new resource list generator creates a list of resources which have been indexed within a specified period of time. After the list is generated it is placed into the 'Link List' template. You can then write info in the Link Updates template and include the contents of the Link List template with <LINKS> tag.

HTML Email
Choosing an HTML component from the system setup form will send all emails in HTML format. You wont need to modify the templates but you will have the ability to add HTML tags such as images ( which you should host on you server ), links, tables and so on.