1. Unzip into the desired directory.

2. Make 4 Directories: images, admin, manual, and language

3. Unzip into the directory images/, into admin/, into manual/ and into language/.

4. Modify connection.asp and admin/connection.asp to connect to your database (If you're using an ACCESS database it's always a good idea to hide the  file where your users can't download it). When the app is unzipped the connection files are set to connect to the 2000.mdb database in the default aleza folder.

5. If you don't have personal web server or Win 2000 installed on your computer you must upload these files to a server where application will work.
NOTE: SQL.Zip contains an SQL script file and instructions on how to setup SQL server with aleza.


6. In order to login to the admin to goto /admin/default.asp Initial UserName and Password 'admin'.

7. Be sure to set the application base url in Admin > System Management > System Setup to the root of you portal.