The language files located in the language/ directory allow you to modify the text and templates which are imbedded deep in the ASP code. Another advantage of these files is that updates will be transparent and the time spent modifying your portal will not go to waste.

Simply open each file in your favorite editor and modify the strings. Each file has instructions that will lead you along your modification process.

lang_catlist.asp This file defines codes and templates used when displaying categories. Applies to catlist.asp and catlist-b.asp.
lang_linklist.asp Defines link listing attributes, mostly text. Applies to linklist.asp.
lang_maillist.asp Subscribe & Unsubscribe messages.
lang_navigation.asp Navigation messages.
lang_osvote.asp Outside vote messages.
lang_paging.asp Paging attributes.
lang_reviews.asp Defines review interface text and colors.
lang_search.asp Search result text.
lang_submexec.asp Submission form validation messages.
lang_windows.asp Aleza windows templates and colors.

Tip / Example:

Lets say we have a simple text string we want to modify. In the language file it may look like this:

CONST lang_myStr = "This is the string text"
Simply modify this text    ^^^^^^^^^^  and save the file for the changes to take affect..

NOTE: If you want to add double quotes " to your strings you must use 2 of them to represent a single one. So "" will become " .