The file is the default link template file.

If you would like to redesign it simply create an HTML table with all the information you want and insert the following variables in where they belong:

Preliminary Code:
This code must be inserted in the beginning of the link template.


Code Modifications:
You may modify the first few lines of this code. The variable hcolor is set to "#FFFF00" but you may set it to anything like "red" or "blue". Hcolor is the color of the highlighter in search results.

The other variables newHTML, popHTML, and hotHTML are html that will be written when links are either new, popular or hot respectively.



Code Results
<%= myTitle%> Link Title.
<%= linkRec("url")%> Links URL
Note: Use link instead.
<%= linkRec("hits")%> Number of Hits.
<%= myDesc%> Link Description.
<%= linkRec("votes")%> Link Votes Count.
<%= linkRec("rating")%> Link Rating.
<%= linkRec("datein")%> Date of submission or approval.
<%= linkRec("recipurl")%> Reciprocal URL
Note: Can be used to store images when employing the top sites system.
<%= tagHTML%> The new, pop, and or hot code.


Code Results

Redirection URL 
Use instead of <%= linkRec("url")%>

URL of voting pop-window 
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TIP: If you chose to employ the link display files that open in the same window but want resource to open in new windows you can accomplish this by writing the link like this:

This will dynamically add the target="_blank" attribute to the resources when a new window is desired.