Maintaining aleza can be a breeze if you know what to do. If you choose to approve reviews and resource submissions before they are indexed you should check the admin area on a daily basis. You also have the option to allow submissions and reviews to be posted automatically. Go to Admin >> System Management >> System Setup and change the options under the screening section.

Recalculate System

This functionality is being provided in order to ensure accurate category and link information. On the internet many unpredictable things may happen so if you decide to recalculate the system an a weekly basis you will ensure proper data. The recalculate system app rewrites all category's subnames and also recounts categories, links and newest links for each category.

Category Descriptions

You may want to regenerate category descriptions whenever you make changes to your category tree and or add links to categories. If you will be running the generator often you may want to save your settings.

Resource Management

The navigator is the main tool used to administer resources. Another useful tool is the resource finder which will allow you to search for resources by any attributes such as email, contact, etc.