The outside voting interface page is much like a display page.

File Structure


<!-- #Include File="start.asp" -->

... HTML ...

<!-- #Include File="navigation.asp" -->

... HTML ...

<!-- #Include File="OSVOTEEXEC.ASP" -->

... HTML ...

<!-- #Include File="finish.asp" -->

The <!-- #Include File="OSVOTEEXEC.ASP" --> code will turn into one of the following lines. 

Link Does Not Exist 
No Link Specified
Your vote has been counted, Thank You.

This text can be found in language/lang_osvote.asp

If you would like these to be displayed in a specific font simply place the include within font tags.
For Example:
<FONT FACE="Verdana" Size="2"><!-- #Include File="OSVOTEEXEC.ASP" --></Font>

After OSVOTEEXEC.ASP has been included there are a few things you can do. The include file provides you with some logical, link, and category info.

You may use this code the generate dynamic content.

<%If VoteOK then%>

Place the info you want to show up when the vote was successful.


Place the info you want to show up when the vote was not successful. If the user sees this information it might be because he is trying to generate fraudulent votes.

<%End If%>


You will also be provided with 3 variables.

<%= SiteName %> This is the name of the site which referred the vote.
<%= CatName %> The Name of the category in which the referring link resides.
<%= CatURL %> The link URL to the resources category. i.e. 'catredir.asp?cat=35'