Top sites System

We'll start by explaining how to remove this feature form your site should you choose to do so.

1. In the admin area click: system management >> system setup  under Aleza Windows Select NO for Count Outside Votes as referring hits.

Remove <!-- #INCLUDE FILE="incref.asp" --> from your pages.
It's the aleza window which displays the top referrers.

3. Remove any reference ('get hits' links) to the info page about this system (referrers.asp).

4. ( persexec.asp ) remove the top referrers settings from this file. This means the text and fields. This can be accomplished with any html editor like FrontPage by highlighting and pressing delete.

By default the the system is set up and ready to go. There are a few things we'd like to mention. If you don't think the outside voting booths should count as incoming hits then all you have to do is modify the system setup in the admin area ( Select NO for Count Outside Votes as referring hits )

It's easy to allow different ways of linking to your site, simply add more options in getcodeexec.asp

Notes: Aleza has defenses in place to protect against fraudulent hits. It will check if cookies are turned on and if they are not it will not count the user's hit. If they are on then the user will be tagged and not allowed to generate any more hits during the same day. This should discourage anyone from trying to generate fake traffic because it would just be too much trouble.

The outside voting booth has similar protection in place.