We've tried to make the upgrading process as painless as possible but that's not an easy task so there is a bit of work involved. The good news is that you don't have to touch the database. The best way to accomplish this is to rebuild the site using as many old pages as possible. I'll try to walk you through the process step by step but you can use your own judgment when you know what you want to do. 

1. Lets start by unzipping the app into a fresh new directory. Then lets take your old database and replace the new one with it.

2. The structure of the default pages has not changed but all the second level pages that display categories and links must have the word 'default' in their names. If they don't have 'default' in the names then aleza will consider the directory to be a link. If you have display pages with different names you will have to change them and also change the display page fields in the navigator.

3. The link templates have changed a bit but if it would be difficult to reproduce the template then you can open the new and old side by side and just apply the new code at the top and variables to your new design.

4. Don't try to keep the old catlist.asp or aleza windows files because they use the language files extensively which means that you will have to redesign them in different ways but on the other hand updates will be a snap when the time comes.


  • You can add the catlist-b.asp include file to your second level display pages, it will display all the sibling categories.
  • If you have any major upgrade issues please post them at myAleza.com.