Aleza allows for multiple administrative users with unique accounts. This feature can be employed when your company wants to hire someone to approve links and manage categories.

Security Levels:
Master Account
- Only one master account exists in the system. It exists so that any high level accounts can be suspended when necessary.

System Manager - This account has all the privileges of the Master Account except to edit, view, or modify the master account.

Master Moderator - This account has permissions to edit, modify, and approve all resources & directories but no system management access.

Category Moderator - Category specific moderator permissions. Categories must be assigned to each user by the system manager or master account.
Note: Each category that this account creates will automatically be assigned to it.

Assigning Moderators
When assigning a moderator to a category go to Admin Area >> Resource Management >> Navigator. Click the moderator logo () under the desired category and you will get a popup window from which you can choose a moderator for that specific category.