What's New in Version 1.5
General Features
Language Files
The language files allow the modification of text which previously required you to go deep into the code and find it. This will also tremendously improve the ease of upgrading. Another thing language files allow is the ability to control the look of your site even more than before.
Redirect / Link Categories
You can add categories that will redirect to other categories in your database. These can be used as 'related' or 'see also' categories. You may also make categories which are links ( useful if you're running multiple directories ).

User-End Features
New Paging Algorithm
The paging in version 1.5 has been extremely improved in the areas of customizability. Now you can choose fonts colors and even use images instead of simple text.
Improved Search Capability  
Now aleza offers advanced searching you might find popular search engines using.
Multiple Column Categories & Improved Customizability
Version 1.5 gives you even better control over the look and feel of your portal. You may choose to display more than the standard two column category list and there are no limits on this, if you wish to show 20 columns you may.
Miscellaneous Improvements
  • Better navigation bar coverage
  • Improved voting ( closes and refreshes current page after vote has been cast ).
  • Advanced highlighting algorithm.
Side Bar ( Current Categories )
Displays all sibling categories which has shown to improve page views.

Administration Features
Mailing List Manager
This new feature allows you to manage your mailing list. Quickly activate, deactivate, or remove email addresses from the list with the click of your mouse.
Resource Finder
The resource finder will allow you to quickly identify resources in your database. The sophisticated search feature allows you to search any combination of fields to find exactly the resource or resources you are looking for. The sort feature will also allow you to identify all the top resources in your directory.
Resource Approval Paging
If you get a large number of users submitting new resources to your portal on a daily basis this new feature will allow you to approve and review the applicants at your own paste without displaying them all at once.
Outgoing Traffic Statistics
The outgoing traffic statistics will show you which categories have resources that interest users and generate outbound traffic.
HTML Enabled Email
There are more mail component options, some with HTML. By selecting one of these you will be able to send HTML through email.
Comparative Traffic Statistics
Will allow you to see which categories generate clicks in relation to the category views.
Enhanced reviews approval.
An improved way to approve reviews.
Database Importer
Import Gossamer Threads databases into aleza automatically.